[Destination]: 2013

So, I would say we are officially in the Christmas season.  And, I must say, I am loving it!  We have our house mostly decorated, I have Christmas music playing constantly on Pandora, and we will probably burn out the lights on the Christmas tree by December 1st.  We even had our first snowfall of the season yesterday.  Oh what fun it is!

With this time of year usually comes a bout of depression for me, for whatever reason (I have yet to figure out why), and I can proudly announce that it has already come and gone – hopefully for good this season!  So what am I to do with my new attitude and happiness?  Prepare for 2013 of course!  I have a couple of things to do on my fitness bucket list, things that I feel I need to start working on now in order to be ready for them come next year.  

One of those things is to PR in the sprint distance triathlon.  Last year I completed two.  I’d also like to complete an Olympic distance tri, but I have to see how the racing budget looks in order to make that one happen.  The first step toward accomplishing this goal was to get my butt back in the pool.  I figured out that I have not been swimming since my last triathlon last year…in July! At least I can say it felt good to be back in the pool.  And I’m not one to say that because I am NOT a strong swimmer.  But that is one spot I can seriously improve on, so it was back in the water this morning to start building a base.

It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t anything fantastic, but it wasn’t bad.  I might actually start liking it, but that’s going to take some time.  I did a few drills, some laps, and then decided I was done.  It was probably about a 40 minute swim all tolled.  Much better than when I started swimming last year considering I didn’t have to stop after one lap, and I knew the difference between a length of the pool and a full lap.  (Yes, I made that mistake last year of counting “laps” by lengths of the pool.  Man, I thought I was the bomb!)

I’m hoping to keep improving in the swim section, and maybe I’ll even be good someday.  Tomorrow, I’m hopping on my bike trainer since there’s still snow on the ground.  Tonight, I’m doing some cross-training.  I’m excited to say that I’m having fun.  It’s exciting to start working toward a goal when you have a bunch of time before the actual training begins.  It’s also kind of neat to do things without feeling like I HAVE to.  I know I do have to just for maintaining fitness and losing weight…and feeling good about myself…but sometimes you just don’t WANT to.  I do. I do want to because I enjoy it.  That is a huge reason that needs to be in everyone’s “Why I Exercise” list.  I really love the challenge of bettering myself, of beating my last PR, and of striving to beat others in my field.  I know the last goal might never happen, but it’s something to work towards.

Who knows…maybe 2013 will be my rockstar year.  Or maybe it will just be another year to catapult me to the next level.  Either way, I’m excited to start thinking about those goals and working towards them.



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