[Destination]: Less, Part II

So, a spending freeze means different things to different people apparently.  When I first decided to take on this challenge, I meant let’s spend $0 for 31 days.  Of course, both vehicles had to go into the shop yesterday for some expensive work, but at least we’re safe on the road.  Necessity.  On Tuesday night, I got a phone call from my dear husband saying that he had read my blog (he was away at a business conference), and he was excited to take on this challenge with me.  He didn’t ask details.  He didn’t question my motive.  He was just excited at the thought that he might have to work less.  🙂  Who wouldn’t be thrilled by that?

The other morning, after he got home from his conference, I was making pancakes for the kids for breakfast.  I used the very last of the Costco-sized vanilla we had in the house.  Dear Husband immediately looked at me and said “Guess we need a trip to Costco for vanilla.”  I looked at him with a rather puzzled look and explained to him that we would just have to do without vanilla as it wasn’t what I considered a “necessity”.  I found out then, that spending freeze to hubby meant something very different than it did to me.

It’s been very difficult for me not to pack the girls in the car and head to Ikea or Target for a shopping spree, especially with all of the organizing and cleaning out that I’ve been doing.  I have many grand ideas right now for how to add some storage to our newly remodeled powder room, a small linen closet in our bedroom that I just cleaned out today (pictures to follow), and a change in decor in our dining room.  I’m making a list for when this spending freeze is over!  Of course, it will need to be in bits and pieces.  But, boy, do I want to just go and spend, spend, SPEND!

While it’s testing my resolve, I’m sticking to my guns so far.  Hopefully, I will remain determined throughout the rest of these 31 days (only 27 left!) and keep on cleaning out and reusing things that I already have in my home.  Fingers crossed!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The past three or four nights have been pretty restless at my house.  Not only is the baby moving more, my youngest daughter is currently waking up at strange hours of the night and staying awake for 2+ hours at a shot.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  Today, I wasn’t going to do much of anything.  The girls watched a few movies, and I was just planning to rest and hang out.  That did not go as planned.

Every day this week, I’ve been determined to do one load of laundry, fold it, and put it away all in the same day.  So today, I changed the beds and washed the sheets.  Not really a big deal, but I got it done even though I wasn’t going to.  As the day moved forward, I was putzing around thinking about what organizing I could do today that wouldn’t take a lot of effort.  I started by going through my daughter’s closet shelf.  It was being used as a random storage area for stuff that did not have a home.  I only got through a little bit of that before nap time (hers, not mine), but nonetheless, I did some.  When I finally put the clean sheets away, I opened the linen closet in the master bedroom and cringed.  What a mess!  The proof is in the pudding:


How on earth did I even know what was in there?  I’m pretty sure I found a Sham-Wow in the very bottom of the closet as well.

So, since I’m organizing and cleaning out, I pulled everything out of the closet and started from scratch.  I was able to get a full trash bag of donations together, and I succeeded in organizing/making this area look a little nicer.  This is just the temporary fix until I’m allowed to add some baskets or some other cute things in there to make it look even nicer.


I was thrilled that this only took a total of 15 minutes!  Even though I wasn’t planning on doing anything specific today, I still got something accomplished.  Getting closer to having everything in my house have it’s own home.


One thought on “[Destination]: Less, Part II

  1. Dear Husband is hoping the sham wow was his backpacking towel. I’ll give in on the vanilla. But no shopping at target!

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